• 1400 Tests

    The LRS Test Suite contains more than a thousand individual tests of LRS functionality. These tests cover every aspect of the xAPI Specification to guarantee interoperability.

  • OAuth or Basic Authentication

    The LRS Test Suite can be configured to use HTTP or HTTPS with Basic or OAuth authentication

  • Deep Logging

    Export human or machine readable log files. You can even get a log of the full HTTP traffic that passes between the test server and your LRS.

  • Conformance Certificates

    Owners of products with passing test results can request a conformance certificate. Provide this to others to so they can verify your conformance and get listed in the adopter registry.

  • Learn about xAPI

    The Experience API (xAPI) is a technical standard that aims to facilitate the documentation and communication of learning experiences

LRS Specification Testing

The LRS Test Suite runs thousands of test against your LRS. You can use this site to prove that your product meets the specification LRS requirements, or to verify that your onsite installation is working properly.

We use GitHub to track all issues and bugs in the conformance process. If you have problems or want to discuss the content of the tests, please file a bug in the LRS Conformance Test Suite GitHub page. For other questions or to contact ADL, click here.

Sign up to start testing.Once you have an account, you can start configuring the test suite to run against your product.

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